“To wear a veil or not to wear a veil, that is the question”


As a bridal consultant I am constantly asked for my advice as to what accessories brides are going for these days and my answer is always the same. It depends on the bride and what suits her.

Choosing a veil is very much like choosing a hat. Some people suit hats and others don’t.

First and foremost, the dress is the showstopper. Or should I say, the bride in her dress is the show stopper. The dress will make the statement on the day, not the accessories. Having said that, the right accessories can add to and compliment the look but what you want to avoid is for them to take over (unless you are a Royal bride and have a fabulous 5 metre- long veil of course)!

Ask to try on a good range of veils. Start with a single tier, very simple finger tip length veil and then go to 2 tier. Add to that some lace or sparkle and then go on to try the longer length veils. Try to keep some focus on what you are trying and your first impression to each one. First impressions are usually the right ones when it comes to bridalwear.

Longer veils are all the rage currently, thanks to the lovely Duchess of Sussex, and I must agree that they do frame a dress beautifully and can dress up a plainer train.

If you are not very traditional and haven’t considered wearing a two -tier veil, then have a go and see what the “blush” layer looks like when it covers your face. You might decide that this is your one time to be traditional and it may well surprise you.

A two- tier veil can also offer more volume and a little drama even if you decide not to be the blushing bride and wear the second layer over your face.

Of course, veils can look very different, depending on how you wear your hair. Most up-do’s will require you to wear the veil at the back of your head and quite low which gives a very soft look. The higher the comb is positioned on your head, the more the veil will sit over your shoulders. That in itself can give some brides a little more confidence as you get that little cuddle from your veil when you walk down the aisle.

Maybe a bespoke veil is more your thing. Ask if you can have matching detail added to the veil. This could be by way of some beading or some matching lace. This will incur a bit more cost, but you will get a unique look and you’ll get exactly what you want.

Decide on whether to wear a veil or not to wear a veil and then look at what you want to wear in your hair. My advice is always dress, veil, headdress (tiara, comb, flowers for example) and then the jewellery, in that order.

Overall though, remember that a veil, tiara and jewellery are all accessories and they shouldn’t make or break the look. They are there to accompany and compliment your stunning wedding dress. Don’t let them steal the show.