Why support your local bridal shop?

When it comes to choosing a wedding gown, really, where do you start?

There is an ocean of information on line and a plethora of stunning gowns to be amazed by so how do you decide where to start?

Back in the day, and I mean almost twenty years ago, the internet had little impact on our beloved industry and you were lucky if you had a bridal shop in or near to your local area. Of course, now we have the whole world available to see online and dozens of places to try on dresses.

Long gone are those days when we would make at least a dozen brides very happy every weekend and selling a wedding dress was as easy as getting out of bed in the morning (well for some anyway)!

Nowadays it’s a question of surfing the net until you are blue in the face and then taking your pick as to where to visit first. It’s almost a lucky dip. Now don’t get me wrong, the internet plays a big part in getting us the business and we need it to get the word out there on how great we are and what amazing service we offer, but, (and you knew that there was a “but” coming right?) should you rely on the internet to seduce you into making a decision?

The one thing I have always stood by is the fact that a computer cannot take away the job of a bridal consultant. Although the internet has certainly made the job harder, “IT” cannot replace being helped into a wedding dress and cannot give advice on whether the dress shape may or may not be the right one for you.

Part of your wedding day experience is in the planning. So that it’s not all about “one day”. Making the right choices at the beginning will help to make each moment special for you and thus become part of your memories overall.

Choosing where to go to choose a wedding gown is as important as choosing who you take with you and has the ability to shape your whole experience thereafter.

Give your local bridal shop a chance. At the very least it will help you to bench mark your expectations, for better or for worse.

Why buy from a boutique rather than “off the peg”?

It’s probably quite well known by now, or at least suspected, that a large majority of wedding gowns are produced in the far east. Regardless of price tag, it is very likely that the origin of your dress is China. Now this does not diminish or in any way tarnish your wedding gown, in fact quite the opposite. The people that produce these garments are experts in their field and have a wealth of experience. That said, as with anything, there are some rogue manufacturers out there that will claim to be the real deal and sadly disappoint.

So how do you protect yourself from choosing a dress that might not measure up in the quality stakes?

Your local boutique will have gone to extreme lengths to source and supply the best in quality and value. Their reputation depends on it.  Hours and hours spent and mile upon mile travelled to attend all the latest wedding shows and exhibitions in order to secure the latest styles. And all on your behalf. We do the leg work, so you don’t have to.

Working in a bridal boutique is a vocation. It is a passion that is in your blood.  After over two decades in this job I can honestly say that I still get goose bumps when my brides find “the one”, it never gets dull. I remember their names, their wedding venues, their proposals, their bridesmaids, the whole kit and caboodle because I love it. And they remember me. That’s priceless.

You can order a dress on line or go to one of the many chains opening that offer “off the peg” but where is the fun in that? What memories will you treasure from that experience?

The time, the passion, the want to please is all wrapped up in your local boutique. You owe it to yourself to enjoy being pampered, understood and listened to. It’s your time and you deserve it. Don’t compromise. Make the right choice and make every moment special.