Managing your wedding day image.

It goes without saying that every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. Naturally, you will want all your pictures to tell the story of your perfect day well into the future. So, to that end, how far are you willing to push yourself to achieve this and what lengths will you go to? How do you manage your own expectations for your wedding day image?
It never fails to surprise me how much pressure some girls put themselves under to feel that they have done everything to look like the bride they have always dreamt of being.
Strict diets and detox, personal training and gym sessions daily, it’s all very dramatic. It’s totally understandable though and when all eyes on are on you of course you are going to feel that you need to go through this to look your best.
Or do you?
When we sell a wedding dress here at Daisy’s, our best advice to our customers is “if you feel that you have to change anything about your self to look good in your dress then it’s the wrong dress”. We prefer to help you find a dress that looks great now. Obviously, we know that most of our brides want to tone up or lose a couple of pounds but there is a real danger of taking it too far.
Now we are not here to tell people what to do. However,we can share in our experience and try to help people set realistic goals and expectations.
In terms of dress fittings (which is when we see the difference) we like to start this process about six weeks before the date of the wedding. Sometimes we carry out routine alterations (nips and tucks and hems etc) but other times it’s more substantial and this is usually due to last minute weight loss and a change in body shape.
As a rule of thumb, we will size a dress down by one dress size. You can run into real problems altering a dress more than 1-2 dress sizes. For example, if you have ordered a size 14 and you come back in for your dress fitting a size 10, you can expect to have a some extra fittings and alterations.
More commonly when it comes to the final fitting a week or so before the big day, we often find that our brides have pushed themselves in those last few weeks and we have to carry out further alterations at the last minute.
So ideally, whatever your goals are, discuss it with your bridal consultant when you are ordering your dress. Make sure that you have reached that goal or adjusted it by the time you attend your first dress fitting. Be realistic and save yourself a lot of pressure and stress. A well fitted wedding dress will say it all.
Your partner obviously loves you just the way you are and although you want to be your most polished self on your wedding day, don’t arrive looking like somebody other than yourself. Be your beautiful self and literally soak up every magical moment.