How to choose your perfect wedding dress

When you start on your list of things to do for your wedding then make sure that high on your list of priorities is an action plan on how to choose your perfect wedding dress.

Clearly, finding the venue and saving the date will be number one on your list. But what comes next?

Well I think it’s fair to say that the wedding dress that you choose, no matter what style you go for, will play a major part in all the styling decisions that you make thereafter. The venue and the bride’s dress really will set the tone for the whole occasion.

With this in mind, how do you go about this task and make the most of the experience without overwhelming yourself?

Make a plan.

Start by having a look on line just to see what styles are drawing you in. Nowadays, brides are so lucky as there is so much information available out there. For example; the brand new “Wedding Style Collective” has launched and this does so much of the work for you. Take a look at

Wedding boutiques and wedding dresses at your fingertips. It couldn’t be easier to get started.

My advice would be to start as close to home as possible. When it comes closer to the date of your wedding you will be so glad to have your dress fittings and to be able to collect your dress somewhere locally. It’s all about minimising the workload and making life as easy as possible.

Two or three well-chosen boutiques should do the job although maybe not all in one day.

Make a bit of a day of it and take along your nearest and dearest and plan a nice relaxing lunch. I would recommend one morning appointment and one in the afternoon as you will get tired and you will have a lot of information to digest.

When choosing who to take along with you to choose your wedding dress, its always a bit risky to take an entourage. Of course, it’s always nice to get someone else’s opinion but remember to “dress to impress yourself”. If you are going to choose a dress with the help of a judging panel, you will undoubtedly find it all very confusing.

Remember to ask questions. For example: How long does the dress take to order? Do you have an in- house alteration service? How much will this cost?

Even if you do have an idea of what you like, keep an open mind. I can guarantee that you will be surprised. You learn a lot about yourself when you try on wedding dresses and it’s always a bit of a revelation. Try on a good cross section of styles too.  The bridal consultant should help you with this. Start with the more fitted styles and work up to an A-line and then something fuller. This will help you keep focus on what suits you and what doesn’t.

Look for balance in your dress. Do you love the whole look? Neckline, waistline and hemline? Do you like the detail? Can the boutique offer bespoke changes to the dress to make it more to your personal preference?

Concentrate on the dress and don’t get too fixated on accessories at this point. When you bond with a dress and you think it could be a contender, then ask to try on some veils etc. If you try on accessories with every dress, you will use up all your time: time that you need for the actual dresses.

If you like the very first dress you tried on, then go back to it at the end of the session. The first dress is always a tough one to gauge as at that point you have nothing to compare it to.

Remember, buying a wedding dress is an emotional purchase. If a dress excites you and makes you feel sensational, then what else are you looking for? Go with that feeling. Trust your instincts and you will find it a whole lot easier to say, “yes to the dress”.

Good luck! 😊