Dress to impress yourself

Before you start your search for your dream wedding dress; ask yourself one very important question.

“Who do I want to impress when I say yes to the dress”?

You might find this to be a strange question to consider but trust me, as your journey in the search for the perfect gown progresses, you will understand exactly what I mean. In the twenty plus years that I have been dressing brides, it never fails to surprise me just how much pressure people put on themselves to meet the expectations of others.

How do I find a dress that everyone will like? When you say it out loud, it sounds impossible doesn’t it? Well of course it is. The only person that you need to impress is yourself. Dress to impress yourself always! A dress that suits your body shape, fits well and that you feel amazing in. That is all you need! If you can tick all those boxes, then you will radiate confidence and that will show in all your wedding photos and you won’t fail to impress.

Imagine the alternative. You wear a dress on one of the most important days of your life that you like but you don’t love. It’s the dress that got the most votes when you were trying on, but you never really felt that it was the one. Now we can all stand back and tell a bride how we think they look in a dress but the one thing that we cannot do is tell that person how they feel in it.

Inevitably, when your friends and family go with you to look at wedding dresses, they will be drawn to styles that suit their taste. That’s only human. But as sure as some people like marmite and some don’t, it all comes down to our own taste.

On this occasion, more than any other, you need to be sure that it is your taste that is satisfied and nobody else. If you look and feel great, then you will get the thumbs up. Once you have chosen your dress and you show it off for the first time, people are generally looking at it from your perspective then rather than their own.

This is your wedding day. This is your wedding dress.

Go with your instinct. If it feels right for you then it is right for you.