5 reasons not to dismiss the idea of a ‘bespoke’ dress for your big day

When suggesting a bespoke wedding dress, your immediate thought process would most likely be it’s too expensive and a lot of the time unattainable, so it becomes a passing thought that’s brushed away. However, bespoke simply means a garment made to fit a specific person or body.

Of course, there are high-end designers that create couture designs that may not suit everyone, but as a local, independent boutique we thrive off being a small part of our bride’s wedding journey and watching them see the vision for their dream dress come to life without breaking the bank and making it a relaxed and once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The last couple of years have hugely changed how and where we shop and have highlighted the importance of supporting your local businesses, helping the areas we live and work to continue thriving. We have also noticed the huge uncertainty and worry brought upon a lot of brides with delayed production and delivery times as a result of clothing being made all over the world, but every one of our brides who had their dress made by us mentioned how much more convenient and enjoyable the whole process was despite navigating a pandemic because they knew they would have the perfect dress for their big day.

Not only do you have the guarantee of knowing you’ll be wearing a beautiful dress on your wedding day, but even for brides who are planning a wedding with limited time and maybe only have a couple of months until their wedding day, it is important to not rule out the idea of having a new dress. Yes, when talking about off-the-rail the general guide to buying your dress is to order it about 9 months prior to the wedding date, however, when it comes to having a handmade dress we don’t have the 5-6 month waiting period for your dress to be delivered as all of our fabrics and stock are here ready to be turned into your dress of dreams.

We completely understand one of the biggest hurdles with a bespoke dress is visualizing the finished gown and trusting the process of it being built step by step in multiple fittings, rather than buying off the rail and knowing exactly what you’re getting. This is why we have a collection of handmade samples in our boutique so you are able to try on different styles and feel the fabrics, discussing your ideas in detail with our resident designer and dressmaker, to compose a sketch and see your vision come to life! It’s so important to ask us as many questions as you would like and we encourage you as much as possible because we’re well aware of how daunting it can be to buy something that doesn’t yet exist, which is why we spend the time getting to know and understanding you and what you are looking for in your dress. The beauty about bespoke is it doesn’t end with a sketch. At almost every stage of your fittings, especially at the beginning, you’re able to change any detail you may be questioning, as well as bring new ideas. Our sole purpose is to ensure you absolutely love your dress.

Above all else, having a bespoke gown gives you the freedom to create a dress that shows off the best of you not only in the design but also in the fitting as it is made specifically to your measurements, not to fit a size chart. In a world providing almost too much choice, the decision to choose the ‘perfect’ dress is overwhelming for most brides because most likely there won’t be a single dress that can provide every detail you are looking for. Yet still, everyday brides say they are looking for a dress that’s different from anything they’ve seen before, so what better way than to create it. A handmade dress allows the opportunity to have something that’s completely unique and just yours, combining elements and inspiration from multiple dresses into one that will never go out of style.

And what day could be better to have that one-off special dress than your wedding day!